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Smithy’s LPG can install your vapour injection system

 Vapour Injection System

Smithy’s LPG & Automotive Services also use several leading brand vapour injection systems. The selection of the most suitable vapour injection system may depend on several parameters which might include: factory approval, EPA emission certification, engine size, tuning features, physical size for compact application, designated vehicle usage, straight gas and dual fuel application or conversion.

In a dual fuel application the mode of operation is generally as follows.

Ensuring that the original engine management and petrol injection system is still retained in the original format, we add an extra bank of injectors. The vehicle will now have petrol, and gas injectors. We also supply and fit and auxiliary, engine bay rated ECU (gas computer). This computer allows us to intercept and interrupt the original vehicle management injector signal and massage this signal, in terms of duration to suit LPG tuning.

Vapour Injection System

When cold, the vehicle will start up on petrol and run for approximately one minute, before turning to LPG. When warm, the vehicle will start on petrol and turn to LPG very quickly. In the event of running out of gas the system will detect low gas pressure and revert back to petrol. This system is also fail-safe in that in the LPG system fails, it will automatically turn back to standard petrol operation.

Inside the vehicle, system operation is displayed on a small LPG switch-gauge assembly. This enables us to manually switch between fuels at will, display LPG Level, and display which fuel has been selected.

This system is chosen by major vehicle manufacturers, such as Holden and Mitsubishi, as factory supplied and endorsed Alternate Fuel Equipment. It is supplied by the largest alternate fuel equipment supplier in the world and is backed up by the largest support network in Australia.


One of the most important features of the system is the injector itself. BRC Injectors are a low impedance, pressure balanced, side entry, peak and hold, automotive specific LPG Injector. A 32 Bit, sealed, automotive fuel control processor, which is faster, more intelligent, more responsive and more accurate. Simple, solid and reliable with brass water connections.

Usage: Saving of around 60% on fuel costs

Performance: Parallel performance to petrol

Warranty: A full 3-year or 100,000km warranty

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