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Gas Research System

JTG Liquid Injectio

Smithy's LPG & Automotive Services is amongst the oldest and most qualified gas research installers in the alternate fuel industry.

The advantages of selecting a complete Gas Research System including the S400 series throttle body and blue printed converter are wide and varied. Some of the benefits may include its suitability in performance, turbo, supercharged and straight gas conversions or for a compact, neat performance duel fuel system.

JTG Liquid Injectio

The principal design of the Gas Research Performance throttle body, the location of the progression jet as well as the three separate metering circuits helps to greatly overcome the poor design deficiencies of old style inlet manifolds ie. Holden V8, Ford V8, Chev V8 etc. This design allows the setting of precise fuel mixtures throughout the driving range to achieve the balance of performance, economy, emissions and combustion temperatures as a "package" deal.

If used on a late model fuel injected, duel fuel or straight gas engine, a closed loop fuel control processor operating off an O2 sensor and a TPS sensor incorporating a vapour injector may be used to increase fuel economy and power.

A drivability characteristic above and beyond all other traditional gas systems gives better low down torque and mid range throttle response.

In a turbo or supercharged application the system may be used as draw through or blow through.

Switching between fuels can be done with a traditional combination switch and LED gauge, or a small, round; inconspicuous switch can be used together with switching the original petrol level gauge to display the LPG level while running on gas.

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"Thanks for the quote on my next car. The Territory conversion paid for itself within a year so in four years I have saved $16000."  more...
Tony, Phillip Island

"Don’t ever put yourselves down. It has been 14 years since you fitted the LPG to my Chev Silverado."  more...
Mr Horwood, Vermont

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