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Why are we sometimes more expensive than some other installers?

There are plenty of cheaper, lesser quality systems on the market. There are also a lot of installers appearing who are new to the industry.
We are the preferred supplier to may dealerships including Holden, Ford, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Toyota, which just goes to show there is no substitute for quality, knowledge and experience.

Why should I choose Smithy’s LPG & Automotive Services?

There are 3 elements to consider when having a gas conversion:
*quality of the engine product or system
*quality of the gas cylinder or tank
*quality of the workmanship which should be a combination of knowledge, experience and skill.

All of these are available from Smithy’s - in fact, we insist on it.

What is the difference between the different systems?

There is a huge difference between systems and there are a few key areas that need to be addressed: how long has the system been on the market, has it got back up and is it supplied from a reputable company. Here at Smithy’s we only deal with the top quality systems with all of these requirements met.

Is LPG safe?

Safety is our most important concern while fitting LPG to your car. A poorly fitted system even with the highest quality components can be dangerous or give poor performance results. Gas tanks and made of far stronger material than any petrol tank (today most petrol tanks are plastic). Gas tanks have a relief valve, so in the event of an accident, where the car may be on fire, the heat will cause the gas to expand enough for the relief valve to let off a puff of gas to regulate the pressure in the tank. Petrol tanks would be more prone to spill out, or melt in a fire.

All high pressure gas lines are run out of harms way, as high as possible under your car. High pressure lines are shielded from sticks and stones from your wheels to avoid ruptures of the line. High pressure lines are also run as far away from exhaust pipes as possible, or adequately shielded. When we finish fitting your LPG system to your car, and at every service, all high pressure fittings are checked for leaks. All our work is carried out in accordance with AAFRB Standards. You can be sure your car is safe with Smithy's.

Can you provide a hire car?

Yes, we can organise a hire car for you which can be waiting for you when you drop off your car.

The price of gas keeps going up! Is it going to be worth converting my car to gas?

Yes, of course. The price of petrol is going up higher than the price of gas and the benefits of converting have never been better. With the price difference being towards the 50-60% in favour of LPG, and the added efficiency of the gas systems today, plus the $1000 rebate you are sure to pay off your conversion in no time.

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"Thanks for the quote on my next car. The Territory conversion paid for itself within a year so in four years I have saved $16000."  more...
Tony, Phillip Island

"Don’t ever put yourselves down. It has been 14 years since you fitted the LPG to my Chev Silverado."  more...
Mr Horwood, Vermont

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