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Thank you again for your professional opinion on how to approach and maintain our extensive Volvo fleet in order of priority for safety and reliability.

I will schedule the 940 for repairs shortly.

Thanks again for the 15 years of trustworthy repairs and maintenance so far.

March 2013
Steven of Vermont

Could you please contact me with a date for a tune on my Nissan Sylvia?

It has been 18 months since the straight gas liquid injection system was fitted and it has just started to develop a misfire when it is hot.

The last dyno shoot out showed 265kw at the tyres. I would like to have it just right for the next track day.

February 2013

Thanks for the quote on my next car.

The Territory conversion paid for itself within a year so in four years I have saved $16000.

That is nearly half the cost of my new car!!

Why don’t more people see it this way?

January 2013
Tony, Phillip Island

Don’t ever put yourselves down.

It has been 14 years since you fitted the LPG to my Chev Silverado.

Up til now it has been great but over the last month my mechanic has not been able to make my car run right, so I took it back to the EXPERTS. 1 Visit all fixed, fantastic!.

January 2013
Mr Horwood, Vermont.

"Thanks for the work done on my XB Fairmont.

Putting it on gas has been the best decision that I have made. The gas research system that you recommended does everything that you said it would. As a daily driver this is important. It is smother to drive than petrol, goes better than petrol and saves me heaps."

January 2013
Darren, Bayswater

"I will start by telling you I am eating humble pie, after huffing and puffing over the time it took to rebuild the Coaster it has not missed a beat in 25,000 klms. Thanks to you and your team.

Just returned to Melbourne after a five month trip to F.N.Q. I would like you to give me an estimate on a tune up, change engine oil, check and adjust clutch [if req.], check oil level in gearbox, check oil level in diff, replace fuel filter, replace oil filter, remove wheels and inspect pads & shoes.

Don't worry I had an oil change at 12,000 klms & and a new fuel filter fitted.
Many Thanks"

November 2012

"I have just sold my Toyota Kluger and I am now looking for another new vehicle to suit our mixed family needs. I will give you a call when I know where I am at.

I have given Smithy’s details to the new owner for ongoing servicing of this vehicle."

March 2012
Andy of Warrandyte

" Just a note to say thank you so very much for all your advice and assistance with regards to my car – the Holden VX acclaim that had the dodgy LPG conversion – and for babysitting it there for almost a month!

The whole ordeal was a disaster and incredibly stressful, but thankfully due to the heroic efforts of my ex father in law we were able to rectify all the problems that the other company had created, and finally got my car back on the road!

Terry I really appreciated all your kindness and support through it all though, and all of your efforts in trying to sort the whole mess out with me.

I just hope in some way this all helps to stop other people from suffering as I did and that someone is able to bring those immoral people down! But at the very least I can rest assured that I now know of a great place to get my LPG conversion redone should I manage to ever get my money back from those rogues! (I just wish I’d found you guys first)."

March 2012
With thanks and kind regards from,
Jacinda, Tiasmin and Sierra Scott.

"My Holden VP SS Ute has just ticked over 710, 000km on LPG and it has been faultless since new.

I am now looking at upgrade to a new 6 litre Holden VE SS Ute. Could you send a price to convert this car and put the tank underneath?"

March 2012

"Smithy's - gave me the right advise and backed up with quality workmanship - most importantly I like their old fashioned customer service."

16 Dec 2011

"Great place! It`s hard to find an Automotive Service company you can trust. Smithys LPG and Automotive Service was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!"

14 Sep 2011

"A trustworthy, honest, efficient bunch of guys who will tell you right away what repairs you do and do not need, all with very reasonable pricing. I am so happy I found a local great mechanic to work on my car."

21 Aug 2011

"My HSV commodore is going real good. The JTG Liquid Injection System had made my fuel bill half. The JTG Liquid System also save more and make more power. Economy good 15L/100km. Since we fitted super charger and tune now big power and use less fuel. Now from 15L/100km down to 13L/100km. Very Happy"


"I have changed jobs and these are my new details…

When I changed jobs I received a new company car. It is a hybrid! What a joke!

The hybrid petrol/electric costs exactly the same to run as my old XR6 on LPG.

So I am now driving a hybrid that can’t tow a trailer, has got less power, space and comfort as my XR6.

I hope Hybrids are not the way of the future.

As this car has the same running costs as an Aussie made Falcon 6.

LPG is a clear winner. "


"I wanted to let you know my recent experience on one of my many interstate trips.

When I arrived in Sydney the hire car I picked up was a (Camry) hybrid vehicle Petrol/Electric. I returned it to the airport on the second day and it took $39 of petrol to fill it to cover around 270kms. I must say I was fairly shocked as I was expecting to see much lower running costs from a HYBRID vehicle.

Comparably speaking my 2004 4 litre V6 Prado covers over 400km on LPG for the same money. I am very happy with my decision to convert my Prado to LPG and not by the diesel model."

January 2012

"I felt sorry I couldn't do business with the guy in Lilydale but he was a long way away and I thought it was not a good thing to get it done so far from home in case something happened.

There is not a lot that can go wrong with LPG although with the new computer systems perhaps that might not be the case. Probably nothing will go wrong.

I put an LPG system on a Hiace Van many years ago under expert supervision to save money and really learn how an LPG system works. I did learn that an expert can do a better job that I could and that it was not such a good idea for someone like me to put a system on. It worked OK but there were a few problems. I connected the hoses up wrong and the vaporiser froze up. That caused a fair bit of inconvenience.

I had a system on my skyline and it worked fairly well for many years. I think that we had to put in a new vaporiser or we had to do it up. But it worked perfectly apart from that.

I am happy to recommend you to my friends."


Terry Sanou is a man with a problem that many people would like to have. Due to the busyness of his business I chose to have my second gas conversion done by another company. The short SHORT story is that it’s taken 8 months and a lot of mucking around by me to get the system working properly. Apart from a sloppy installation that I don’t trust that company to fix, at no time has that company made the car run properly. My THIRD conversion in total, (1 & 3 by Smithy’s) is just as good as the first one was; there is no substitute for a job done correctly! This brings me back to the point… I believe that if Smithy’s had TWICE the capacity to do what they do so well, it’d still be a very busy business. My next conversion (next year) will be done by Smithy’s LPG. Incidentally, the first car Smithy’s converted for me has now done over 330,000km and continues to impress with its smoothness, economy and quiet performance.

"I wanted to let you know how much better my blown 308 1 ton Ute is after we changed it from a Gas Research system to a Liquid Injection LPG system using your “spectrum” style system with Wolf V500 Computer.

  • Instant throttle response (anywhere)
  • Low End Torque
  • Top end Power
  • Smoothness and drivability (especially at low speeds)
  • Overall lower coolant temperature"
August 2011
Craig Of Hastings


"Thank you for your assistance, help and subsequent repair on my Coachman Mirada Motor home. It is a shame that you are so far away. Since working on the Triton V10 my economy has improved, performance is better and the engine check light does not come on anymore."
July 2011
John, Brisbane

"Could you make time to book in Cheryl’s new Ford FG G6E to have the same Impco BRC system fitted as you did on my 6.2L HSV Clubsport R8 last year. I am very happy with the Impco BRC Vapour injection system. I cannot tell any difference. I am sure Cheryl will be very happy as well."
October 2011

"It has now been over 6 months and 7000km since you reconverted my 454cu HJ Holden 1 Ton Ute to a straight gas “Spectrum” LPG system.Here are some results:

  • As you know my tonner has a fifth wheel turn plate and I use it to tow my bob cat 5 days a week. (I know I should probably use a truck)
  • With the old twin IMPCO 425’s the vehicle was smooth to drive, a little low on power (to what I thought it should be) it didn’t like to freely rev. But the biggest problem that I have always had was the engine overheating. (This is why I investigated liquid injection)
  • Since the conversion the engine overheating issue has disappeared!
  • I have lots more torque, the engine feels free and economy is great (even better than with the IMPCO system)
Thanks Smithy’s for listening and executing the exact job and results I wanted."
December 2011
David, Millgrove


"Thank you for sorting out the engine stalling on the Nissan Navara. For your interest the lease is almost up on my 2008 V6 Navara. It has done 90000km on LPG.
Is the 2011 model the same? Should I use the vapour system again on my next car or what about the new liquid injection system? I have heard a lot about the JTG System. Could you get Terry to send me a quote on both types?"
September 2011
Peter, Upper Beaconsfield

"You asked me to let you know how my Nissan Patrol performed after removing my “old school” air valve system and fitting the EMER vapour injection system.


After having done everything I could to improve performance including exhaust, extractors and dyno tune I have found that where my Nissan used to struggle to make it up hills at 80km/h I can now go over the top at 120km/h. The best part though is towing because now I don’t need to change down gears as much. Thank you.

PS. Fuel economy hasn’t improved much but I guess you can’t have it both ways."
December 2011
Peter, Korumburra

"I wanted to let you know that your diagnosis on my vehicle was correct. No one else could pin point the problem. I guess as soon as they see a Harrop Supercharger with a vapour injection LPG system that it was too much for them to handle. I sourced a sensor (only 1 in Australia) $300, fitted it and it works brilliantly."
October 2011
John, Sorrento

"Thanks for the quote on my Navara turbo diesel. I am still considering it. Since you suggested converting my diesel I have heard of other diesel gas systems. Do you still think that the Gastek system is best? Why? Could you please send me some information?

PS. The V6 pathfinder goes really well with the JTG liquid injection system as recommended.

I have passed on your details to a guy at the service station. He didn’t know that the 4L V6 Nissan Navara or Pathfinder could be converted to LPG. You can expect his call."
November 2011

"Thank you for looking after my Nissan Patrol for the last 18 years and 500 000km, could you please provide a quote for my new Ford Territory AWD as I have decided to upgrade."
October 2011
Andrew, Endeavour Hills

"I have now had the vapour injection system installed on my Ford BA Falcon wagon for four and a half years. It has been very good. I am thinking of buying a 2007-2008 Ford Territory to tow my caravan.

What is your opinion? Should I use the same vapour system or a liquid injection system? I have been reading on the internet about the JTG liquid injection system, the Orbital Liquid Injection system or Ford’s ECO LPI Liquid injection system. Should I use one of these? Please supply opinions and costing."
January 2012

"The thought of increased performance over petrol with a liquid injection system certainly took my fancy for my 1998 Supercharged XJR Jaguar. My son having converted his Turbo Volvo with a BRC vapour system with excellent results, the job being highly professional and looking like a factory fit. (note than no other gas conversion centre was even remotely interested in doing the Jag or the T5 Volvo car) After lots of discussion and payback math the decision was made based on two reasons –what other investment bays back at 20%pa?What other things can I do (for the environment) that save so many greenhouse gas emissions. Being a custom install wasn’t without its headaches for you but the end result once again appeared factory and in no way out of place. Performance initially was no better than petrol with a country trip yielding almost identical results (consumption) to that on petrol…. It was only then that the magic began, as the factory computer learnt, the ignition timing increased in line with the higher octane of the gas -the beast within unleashed!

I have no need to see the numbers in black and white but I would note that my son chose to have his other V70T5 Volvo converted to JTG liquid injection. This conversion was not done by Smithy’s, and it showed, wiring looms a dog’s breakfast of spaghetti, fuel lines and wiring harness to the tank zip-tied to brake lines. Un-even spacing of the injectors on the fuel rail and a general quick and nasty appearance to the install. Being an aircraft maintenance engineer and working as a quality inspector for Boeing, he knows his stuff and immediately rectified the safety issues and re–routed the wiring. For a neater appearance.

This is the Smithy’s difference, If it (the attention to detail) adds 6 months to my payback time –who cares, I’m worth it, my car is worth it."
Damien Jensen, Victoria

"When no-one else could help and others said it couldn’t be done the guys at Smithy’s LPG & Automotive Services made it happen.

After 18 unsuccessful phone calls I travelled the 8000km return trip from Western Australia to Smithy’s LPG in Bayswater to get what I wanted and needed for my 2003 7.4 litre V8 Chevrolet Silverado. I arrived at 8:30 Monday Morning and left on Wednesday evening with a newly installed Sequential Gas Injection system and a 300 litre cylinder and my Chevvy has been running flawlessly ever since with tremendous performance and economy.

That’s all thanks to the guys at Smithy’s LPG & Automotive Services. They answered all my questions and their wealth of experience and knowledge is apparent. With their superior level of workmanship and technical ability, I would highly recommend Smithy’s for anyone wanting a gas conversion.”
Edward Neil, Western Australia

"It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of thanks to you and your team for your outstanding efforts in converting my Charger to LPG.

The workmanship performed was faultless, and showed a genuine empathy for the car. The location of the gas convertor and reuse of the fuel filler location were perfect examples of this. It is clear that the team at Smithy’s are genuine car enthusiasts and it has shown in the finished work. The performance and driveability have also improved significantly. In addition, all queries were answered and phone calls returned with honest and intelligent feedback throughout the process.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Smithy’s LPG & Automotive Services for any LPG conversions to older performance vehicles and would happily speak with any prospective customers about the end result."
Andrew Coulter, Victoria

"The question is often asked of me as to who did the gas conversions on both my vehicles and who do I recommend? My reply without hesitation is to recommend Smithy’s LPG & Automotive Services because on both occasions’ the conversion was done without fuss, and the result was very satisfactory."
Graham Crichton, Victoria

"LPG is far superior to diesel or petrol for one tonne operations around town. We specify that all our sub-contractors operate only Autogas vehicles. Petrol or diesel puts a courier at a competitive disadvantage because of the higher cost of fuel."
Graham Schorer, Managing Director, Golden (one of Melbourne's largest courier companies)

"I photograph real estate so I travel between 50,000 and 70,000 kilometres a year. Originally I converted my four company cars to save money - but now both of the V8s seem to run better on Autogas than on petrol. I'm trying to convert a mate of mine. He's got a new Landcruiser that he's done 28,000 kilometres in, but he thinks it would be too expensive to get it converted. I told him if he had it converted to Autogas in the first place it would have paid for itself by now."
Bill Riley, Manager, Auction Photography

"I have three primary school age children and their activities, along with my own, keep me in the car much of the week. Sport, drama, friends, outings etc. I also like to be able to offer any of their friends a lift if I can. With my car converted to Autogas, I am confident that I can afford to drive them to various places without spending money on petrol that I would rather spend on the outing itself.

The tank sits neatly in my boot, still giving me plenty of loading space, it is easy to fill at the fuel station and I have complete confidence in the safety of my vehicle. I am happy to drive my family on Autogas and very happy that the things I choose to do with my children are not hampered by excessive fuel costs."
Sharon Van Pamelen, Mother

"Having pondered the decision to convert to Autogas for over eight months, my only regret is that I didn't do it straight away. It is now an obvious economic decision that means greatly increased profits for my business.

Prior to having Autogas installed on each of my cars I was spending around $7,000 a month on petrol. Now, even while I am paying off my conversions through the gas company scheme, I am still paying less for my fuel.

Being long distance couriers, the extra capacity of fuel has meant we can travel much further than ever before without stopping and it was quite a surprise to find just how many stations actually sell Autogas.

Autogas is one of the best decisions I have ever made."
Les Midson, All Hours Couriers (Burpengary Qld)

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"Thanks for the quote on my next car. The Territory conversion paid for itself within a year so in four years I have saved $16000."  more...
Tony, Phillip Island

"Don’t ever put yourselves down. It has been 14 years since you fitted the LPG to my Chev Silverado."  more...
Mr Horwood, Vermont

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