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High Performance LPG


Unique Car

Do you have a special vehicle?

Do you have a special need?

Do you want something different?

Let us ignite your passion!

At Smithy’s our team of talented and enthusiastic automotive technicians can design, develop and deliver a ground up or taylor made system to suit your needs.

Through an obligation free enquiry we can accurately ascertain your needs and provide:

  • Traditional System
  • Vapour Injection Systems
  • Liquid Injection Systems
  • Venturi/ IMPCO Airvalve/ Gas Research

308 Holden – 350 Chev – 351 Ford – 454 Chev – Toyota/Lexus Soarer – Nissan Skyline etc

smithys-lpg-services-unique-car smithys-lpg-services-unique-car
smithys-lpg-services-unique-car smithys-lpg-services-unique-car

An injected system on such an engine type will be completed with a fully integrated engine management system that will control all aspects of ignition control: including timing and ignition coil saturation. Plus sequential gas fuel delivery using MAFLESS tune, TPS, MAP, coolant and air temperature sensors.

Using LPG As A High Performance Fuel:

Many people don't realise that LPG (Propane) at 114 Octane is a high performance fuel, and when directly injected as a liquid into a vehicles cylinders it expands as a cold charge, effectively intercooling and enabling efficient tuning, complete combustion and denser mixtures, for higher performance gains in modified vehicles than can be achieved, at reasonable cost, with petrol alone.

When Cars are modified for high performance they are usually fitted with high pressure fuel pumps, high flow injectors, pressure regulators, fuel rails and a host of other costly fuel delivery options in order to deliver sufficient fuel for the required performance. With the simple addition of LPG direct liquid injection this becomes unnecessary. The petrol and lpg injectors then work together to deliver up to 420 RWKw which is more than enough for most high performance applications.

The cost savings caused by not needing the additional petrol componenets, combined with the $1000 government rebate make the fitting of an LPG direct liquid injection kit a very practical proposition.

The added benefit is that when the vehicle is not operating in high performance mode the vehicle can run solely on low cost LPG. There is also an increase in the resale value of the vehicle as a bonus.

Smithy's, as an expert in LPG with over 25 years experience in the field, offers a number of stages for high performance development in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged vehicles which includes CPU flash, chipping, intake and exhaust modifications, valve springs, LPG direct liquid injection, fuel and ignition mapping and tuning, on a state of the art DynoDynamics AWD Dynomometer.

Not other company can offer the experience, or performance, that a multi fuel setup from SMITHY'S can offer. Before making an expensive commitment to a single fuel for your performance application contact us for information on a high performance multi fuel modification. 
Contact Smithy's on 9762 2333 and ask for Terry
 Our knowledge and experience of the industry allows us to fluently and accurately suggest a range of single or multiple LPG cylinders for your appropriate needs.
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"Thanks for the quote on my next car. The Territory conversion paid for itself within a year so in four years I have saved $16000."  more...
Tony, Phillip Island

"Don’t ever put yourselves down. It has been 14 years since you fitted the LPG to my Chev Silverado."  more...
Mr Horwood, Vermont

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